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Dominica is reknowned for its abundance of  rivers, and cool, fresh pools ideal for bathing. When you're traveling around simply pick a river, follow it, and you are sure to stumble on a perfect spot.

Most of the rivers contain, somewhere, at least one waterfall which will easily capture your imagination, and all of them contain plenty of ready made jacuzzis !

Choose your temperature!  Want a steaming bath? Try the Soufriere Pool, or Layou. Are you interested in something a little more tepid? Then what about the White River in Delices. For an extremely cold yet invigorating bath we recommend the rivers which are closest to the middle of the island. Fantastic!

The local Dominica tradition is to spend a Sunday afternoon by a river, cooking a 'one-pot' and bathing in the pools, so by partaking in this tradition you are also experiencing the culture !

Below is a small listing of some of the more popular Rivers on the island:

Indian River
Running from Portsmouth deep into Dominica's Morne Diablotin forest reserve, the Indian River is a mixture of fresh and salt water and dominated by the spectacular Butressed Bwa Mang trees.

The best way to experience the river is in a paddle boat with a knowledgeable guide, who will happily enlighten you on the incredible flora and fauna en route.

Layou River
Dominica's longest river, the Layou has several areas of interest. Hot water at Glo Cho (about one mile upriver from Layou River Hotel), places for tubing, several good spots to bathe, and generally beautiful scenary.

Rosalie River
Located on the Eastern side of the island, the River is wide, with both small and large pools, if you're willing to do a small hike along the bank. The river flows into a beautiful black sand beach, which you could walk into for a good 1/2 mile and still have the level of the water reaching your knees. Enjoy!

White River
Falling from the Boiling Lake, The White River, located in Delices, flows with sulphurous water giving the large pool a greeny white appearance. A refreshing bath, extremely therapeutic for the skin, is a great experience after a mere 5 minutes walk.

Which is your favourite River in Dominica?

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